A note from our President (no, not that one)

Hey PFLAG’ers,

We need your help! CMS will be voting on their multiculturalism policy updates tomorrow evening at the school board meeting. These updates will include adding language that supports students regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression. I am encouraging each of you to call your school board representative or a school board representative telling them you are in SUPPORT of these updates!
Our school board needs to hear from you!

Unfortunately, there will be a group showing up to the school board meeting on Tuesday evening strongly opposing any of the proposed updates. Let’s show CMS that we want these updates, and thank them for including ALL students!

Warm Regards,

Ashley Nurkin
Mary McCray (Chairperson At-Large) – mart.mccray@cms.k12.nc.us, 704-281-6074
Rhonda Lennon, Vice-Chair (District 1) – rhonda.lennon@cms.k12.nc.us, 980-231-1465
Elyse Dashew (At-Large) – elysec.dashew@cms.k12.nc.us, 704-659-6994
Ericka Ellis-Stewart (At-Large) – ericka.ellis-stewart@cms.k12.nc.us, 704-412-8565
Thelma Byers-Bailey (District 2) – thelmab.bailey@cms.k12.nc.us, 980-272-1943
Ruby Jones (District 3) – rubymjones@cms.k12.nc.us, 704-579-1763
Carol Sawyer (District 4) – carole.sawyer@cms.k12.nc.us, 980-292-0554
Margaret Marshall (District 5) – margarets.marshall@cms.k12.nc.us, 980-343-1837
Sean Strain (District 6) – seanc.strain@cms.k12.nc.us, 980-343-5139

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